Esen Elektrik

QBX - 228mm

LED - Çakan Işıklar
  • Comprehensive range of cubic design beacons in LED and xenon technique
  • In modern LED strobe technique
  • long lifetime, low current consumption, vibration proof
  • - LED steady/flashing beacons in size 1-4
  • - LED multi strobe beacons in size 3-4
  • most modern LED technique with high signalling effect
  • 3 strobe patterns (double/6 times/multi strobe)
  • externally switchable
  • In conventional xenon strobe technique
  • classic signalling with good signalling effect
  • - Xenon strobe beacons in size 1-2
  • for applications in the industry, process control, fire/gas alarm, marine, etc.
  • by combining e.g. LED steady beacons (up to 4 sizes) traffic control lights (e.g. red-amber-green) but also individual colour combinations for industrial or general applications can be realized
  • unique beacons/lens design
  • versatile installaton and mounting options
  • fit for plc applications (leakage, inrush current)


The Candela values refer to colour clear (white) at 230 V operating voltage and a measuring angle of 1° in axial direction.